Sabbath School Seminar (27th October 2019)

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During the Seminar, lectures will be given to guide you to a full understanding and deeper study of the Sabbath Bible Lessons, also known as the “Sabbath School.” Lectures will provide theoretical and practical advice on the Sabbath School and which will help to carry the burdens of daily life. We would like that through this Seminar, more of you will find the joy that can come through the study and research of the Bible through the Sabbath School. We welcome every interested person without regard to their denominational affiliation!


Part I.

1. Lecture: “The Sabbath School Map”

The goals and essence of the Sabbath School and its impact in everyday life
Presenter: László Bodnár

2. Lecture: “The Institution for Education in the Truth”

The origin, history and structure of the Sabbath School
Presenter: Ferenc Nagy

3. Lecture:“The Sabbath School Teachers are Christ’s Disciples”

The teacher and his/her preparation
Presenter: Mátyás Gálig

12:00-12:30 Q & A in relation to Part I.
12:30-14:00 Lunch

Part II.

4. Lecture: “Significance of Sabbath School in my Life”

Personal preparation, study in the family and in the community
Presenter: Anna Kaknics

5. Lecture: “To Understand, to Learn, to Live, to Teach Well - but How?”

Practical side – new lesson
Presenter: Máté Tóth

6. Lecture: “Teach, that You could Learn – Teaching the Review Lesson”

Practical side – review lesson
Presenter: Emőke Szép

17:00-17:30 Q & A in relation to Part II.
18:00 Dinner

If you would like to participate, please click the link at the bottom of this page and sign up!

Extended deadline for registration: 13th October 2019 (Sunday)

LOCATION: 201. Road Gödöllői, Mogyoród 2146, Hungary (SDARM Church)
(Address for GPS: Mogyoród, Szilas utca 2.)

DATE: 27th October 2019 (Sunday)

Application process:
1. Complete the application form and send it!
2. In a few minutes you will receive an email in which you need to confirm your application (otherwise your application will be invalid).
3. Then you will receive a second email confirming that we have registered your application.

One email address can be used for one person's registration only.

For more information:
phone : +36-30/697-2387 

Looking forward to seeing you!
Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement
Sabbath School Department of Hungary


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